8/9 case updated

Just got off a phone call from Ms. Kimberly Wong from Victim Services Division. She will be my advocate on the robbery case that happened on the night of 8/9, and will provide support, resurces and updates on this case. I was told that I need to present in court on 8/27 for hearing. This is gonna be my first ever court appearance and I guess it’s gonna be exciting! Prior to the hearing, a representative from the public defender will call me and that I am NOT obligated to answer any questions or to describe what had happened on that night, because all that I say will be used as evidence to defend for the defendant. The division has also designate an attorney for me and she will reach out to me later.
Also, it turned out that the package I received yesterday was sent by Kimberly’s colleague and that she will send the same package to me again and that she wanted me to use the forms that she sends to me. I was also told that I do not have to collect all the receipts and mail back within 15 days upon receiving the package. Instead, after I have received the medical bill, I need to go through my health insurance first and see how much they’re gonna pay. For every penny that I’ll have to pay out of my pocket (deductable or in case my insurance refuses to pay the whole bill), I’ll have the right to sue the defendant for compensation.
I already had a discussion about this with Chuck last night, and our conclusion was that for a black girl desperate like this, she might already be in a huge debt and it is almost impossible to expect for her to pay the thousand-dollar bill in full. I might have to pay the bill first and she will probably pay me 100 bucks a months and it’s gonna be years untill I get all my money back… WTF!!!

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